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Please note that we have migrated all the De-bushing Advisory Service website contents from:  to: as the DAS website is discontinued. Farmers’ tools, downloads, additional information, FAQ, videos, and success stories can now be accessed under the N-BiG advisory service via this link: Our advisory service continues to serve as a national […]

Farm assessments and biomass assessment

As the biomass industry is taking shape in Namibia, it is advisable for every farmer to understand the value of the encroacher bushes on their farms. The type of encroacher bushes, sizes, density, and yield (depending on the value chain of interest) differs significantly across different camps on every farm. A solution for the Namibian […]

Bush Thinning and Aftercare

Bush control should aim for selective bush thinning rather than clearing. The aim of bush thinning should be to restore ecosystem health of rangelands. This is important for the restoration of savannas that will improve the carrying capacity (good for farmers and beef export markets), help to sustain the natural biodiversity and aesthetics (good for […]

Engagement Opportunity For Namibian SMEs In Bush Biomass

Innovation Energie Développment (IED), an independent consulting and engineering firm specialising in sustainable energy services, is visiting Namibia in May on a mission to do Due Diligence on the biomass supply chain in Namibia. The objective of their mission is to better understand the current biomass supply chain environment, including the ongoing supply chain actors […]

Guide to quantifying woody biomass now on video

We are excited to announce our three series of films aim to raise awareness about the Biomass Quantification Tool, its use, and interpretation for bush-based resource assessment.  The Namibia Biomass industry Group (N-BiG) through its Advisory Service developed the Biomass Quantification Tool(BQT) to assist their members, farmers and resource managers to accurately estimate bush biomass […]

Opportunity: NTA Expression of Interest

The Namibia Training Authority (NTA) is inviting all persons with adequate experience the area of Agriculture to serve as Technical Working Group (TWG) or Subject Matter Experts in the Review of Unit Standards for Agriculture 2022. NB: one of the qualifications to be reviewed under the Agriculture framework is Bush Control that was facilitated by […]

Bush Biomass Publications Translated in 4 Namibian Local Languages

DAS recently published 3 publications translated into four (4) local languages ( Afrikaans, Rukwangali, Otjiherero and Oshiwambo). The publications aim at providing Namibian farmers with translated tools for better understanding and knowledge dissemination of sustainable bush control and biomass utilisation. Download publications here.

Is your farm bush encroached?

Are you interested in restoring your rangeland and utilising the harvested bush biomass to produce various value chains such as charcoal?  Look no further than the N-BiG Harvesting Equipment Services available for lease. The Namibia Biomass Industry Group (N-BiG) harvesting equipment lease services aims to improve access to highly efficient technologies, tackle the challenges that […]