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N-BiG represents a wide range of members across the Namibian bush-biomass sector. These companies and individuals range from harvesters, processors, buyers, researchers, SMEs to farmers that are actively involved and interested in developing the biomass industry. Membership of N-BiG is open to all companies/organisations and individuals that are interesting in the areas of bush-biomass and bioenergy.

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N-BiG Membership Benefits

By joining N-BiG, you will benefit from the research and development credibility, extensive knowledge base and networking opportunities in the biomass industry. Being a member enables you to contribute to the national development agenda on bush encroachment and strengthen the sustainably of the Namibian biomass sector.

Business and finance

Members can benefit from new markets for Namibian biomass through research, testing and active engagement with international off-takers. Our focus is to develop financial tools, leasing models, business plans and standards for the sector. 


Partnerships and networks

N-BiG is continuously expanding its network by bringing on new members to partnering with other members. Our organisation’s strength is in its network esp. through international contacts.

Innovation, research, and development

N-BiG facilitate applied research for technology development, together with partners such as NUST and UNAM. Our current focus is on biochar, bush-based animal feed and FSC certification. We have a wide range of technical expertise on offer, including technology for harvesting and processing (chipping, milling, pelleting, compressing, charcoal, pyrolysis).

Knowledge and capacity

DAS offer relevant training in line with our member needs. Members can request biomass related training workshops for N-BiG to consider for implementation.

Members Resource Library

This is an exclusive compilation of publications on bush biomass topics such as processing,value addition, aftercare, industry contacts, standards, market and trade.

The N-BiG members resource library is a web-based, password-protected system, which allows for networking, interaction and sharing of information across the entire members. It is a source of knowledge, a hub for crafting new partnerships and a room to learn about new opportunities.

The online library is restricted to N-BiG members only!

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