Board of Directors

Colin Lindeque


Colin is a co-founder of Carbon Capital. He is a business development specialist, with a biotechnology and bio-business background. He is also a biomass industry expert and has played an integral role within the local biomass industry since 2016. Colin previously headed the Namibia Biomass Industry Group, an organisation he helped establish. He also chairs the organisations’ Board of Directors.

Prior to that, he played a business development role for one of Namibia’s largest group of companies, developed business development programmes within the Namibia University of Science and Technology’s FABLab Technology Centre, helped develop a national policy on marine resources value addition and gained in-depth business development experience within the pharmaceutical industry during his studies in Denmark. 

He is passionate about the transformation of the country’s energy sector and currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Renewable Energy Industry Association of Namibia.

Colin holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Bio-business and Bioentrepreneurship from the Copenhagen Business School and Bachelors of Science degrees in Biotechnology from the University of Pretoria.

Nangolo Malima


Nangolo is a prominent Namibian businessman, with his sights set firmly on the biomass industry. As Director of N-BiG, he ensures that good governance proceedures are followed and that N-BiG meets its objectives and targets as planned. Nangolo represents one of N-BiG’s founding member companies, Capricorn Energy Enterprises CC, which will soon enter the biomass industry.

Norbert Liebich


Norbert, a serial entrepreneur, and business mogul, Norbert represents two of N-BiG’s founding member companies, WoodCo Marketing and Distribution (Pty) Ltd and Omuriro Biomass Investments (Pty) Ltd, which were some of the first encroacher bush harvesting and processing operators within the Namibian sector.

Gero von der Wense


Gero has been with the O&L group for the past 10 years in various senior management positions. He has been the MD of Organic Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd since April 2020, he studied Industrial Engineering and Industrial Economics, he has a keen interest in the sustainable utilization of biomass in Namibia. As Director of N-BiG, he ensures that N-BiG is an inclusive and cross-cutting industry association. Gero represents one of N-BiG’s founding member companies, Organic Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd, which is currently harvesting biomass for thermal power generation.