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N-BiG through its Advisory Service (DAS) currently implements a comprehensive capacity development programme for members, Namibian farmers, industry experts SMEs, and extension services on the topic of sustainable bush control and biomass utilisation with support from MEFT/GIZ Bush Control and Biomass Utilisation Project (BCBU). Background Currently, bush biomass assessments are done through different sophisticated methods […]

Call for Sponsorship

Standard Bank BIOMASS FAIR 2021 (BF 2021) is an event tailored towards the blossoming biomasssector in Namibia and the region at large. For the first time, the Biomass Fair platform is taking placeover four days, comprising a Research Symposium (3 June 2021), an Industry Conference andNetworking Dinner (4 June 2.. READ THE FULL STORY

NNF Statement

In October 2020, more than a dozen civil society organisations and scientists issued a statementopposing a “Transcontinental Biomass Partnership Namibia – Hamburg”, which investigates thefeasibility of using Namibian bush biomass to power biomass plants in Hamburg as part of Hamburg’scoal exit strategy. READ THE FULL STORY