Farm assessments and biomass assessment

As the biomass industry is taking shape in Namibia, it is advisable for every farmer to understand the value of the encroacher bushes on their farms. The type of encroacher bushes, sizes, density, and yield (depending on the value chain of interest) differs significantly across different camps on every farm.

A solution for the Namibian farmers has been developed by the Namibian Biomass Industry Group (N-Big). The Namibia Biomass Quantification tool (BQT) is an accurate and non-destructive tool that can provide estimates of woody biomass available in each area prior to any selective harvesting procedure. It is now possible to obtain estimates of the available bush biomass on your farm that will enable you with decision-making on harvesting and value addition to ensure optimum economic benefits. Access the BQT excel tool BQT User Manual BQT Training Video Contact us at or at 061-242-949 for enquiries on farm assessments and biomass utilisation.

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