Using FFA to Formulate Bush Feed Rations

Due to frequent droughts in Namibia, there has been an increasing number of farmers producing bush-to-feed and a higher number of them are willing to venture into bush-to-feed production enterprises. However, it must be stressed that bush-based animal feed production is complex and if implemented wrongly, the health and life of animals are in danger.

Farmers and bush feed producers lack knowledge on feed formulation which could help them produce more cost effective, safe and nutritious bush-feed rations using different commercial and locally available ingredients in all seasons.

The Feed Formulation Application (FFA) brings a solution to farmers and bush-based feed producers by proposing affordable and nutritional balanced rations, lowering the risks posed to animals when the bush feed is formulated on a trial-and-error basis. You can now access the web-based Bush Feed Formulation App and User Guide online here

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