SteamBio Africa Biofuel

SBA Biofuel
Steambioafrica’s new biofuel is produced using the new superheated steam process. It transforms locally harvested invasive bushes into SBA biofuel which can be used for convenient and affordable heating and cooking.

SBA biofuel is processed in Namibia , at our first production plant at the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), near Otjiwarongo.

SBA biofuel was produced using encroacher bush harvested from Namibia , Botswana and South Africa and processed at CCF for market testing in all three countries.

SBA biofuel offers unique benefits such as :
– Affordability
– Dry and quick lighting
– low smoke
– 100% local and natural

For more information contact Mr Daniel Shagama at +264 61 242 949 OR +264 81 166 0299

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