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The Return of Functioning Ecosystems Through Rewilding

A mine’s vision on the rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems in central Namibia ~ “For us, bush thinning is very important to get this area back to a functional ecosystem. The main reason we want to make it functional, is to ensure that wildlife have sufficient space and grazing. We inherited a system that wasn’t functional, […]

Building Biodiversity Through Soil Rejuvenation

How Richer Microbial Activity and Soil Diversity Returns after Bush Thinning ~ “Data has shown that if you restore your habitat you will increase grazing capacity, that will also translate to more economic benefits because you are able to increase your wildlife or cattle carrying capacity. But there are also other benefits, like your water […]

Tourism, Conservation and Sustainable Bush Thinning Strategies

How Wisdom is Creating Benefits for Tourism and Conservation Strategies ~ Founded in 1991, the AfriCat Foundation is based on the Okonjima Nature Reserve in Otjozondjupa region. The foundation conducts ecological research focusing on rare and endangered species. Over the years, this nature reserve has been practicing bush thinning for conservation and tourism and has […]