We regularly produce information material on bush encroachment. You can find these studies and brochures here, as well as important policies and relevant extrenal studies
Adding Value to Namibian Encroacher Bush
Adding Value to Namibian Encroacher Bush
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Bush encroachment
Bush Encroachment and Water
Database Description
Bio energy Atlas of South Africa A public resource to support the development bio energy in South Africa. It covers assessment of biomass potential in the country and the feasibility of it application
EIS Online environmental information resource for Namibia, the site consists of literature, reports, GIS data and other environmental information  
Energypedia a wiki-based platform for collaborative knowledge exchange on renewable energy and energy efficiency topics in developing countries  
Environmental Geographical Information Systems South Africa Provides access to baseline environmental geo-spatial data, printable maps, interactive mapping tools and map services to the users of geospatial technology, government as well as the public.  
GlobAllomeTree An International web platform used to share and provide access to tree allometric equations. The platform provides Allometric Equations, wood density, biomass expansion factors and tree volume & biomass data.  
Namibia Rangelands An early warning system for Namibians, aimed at enhancing the ability of livestock farmers, support agencies and policy makers to make decisions based on timely and accurate information regarding the state and productivity of their rangelands to reduce vulnerability to droughts, or other adverse climatic conditions.

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