Contact Points

Here you will find a compilation of further contacts which are valuable for international companies:

Namibia Investment Centre

Country: Namibian

The Namibia Investment Centre facilitates a favourable environment for foreign investment and provides information about investment opportunities and conditions in Namibia

The Economic Department of the Namibian Embassy in Germany

Country: Germany

The Economic Department of the Namibian Embassy in Germany provides comprehensive information on investment conditions and support programmes in the country. In addition, it supports the establishment of business relations between Namibian and international partners:

The Global Business Network (GBN)

Country: Germany

The Global Business Network (GBN) programme promotes responsible involvement of local, German and European companies in selected countries in Africa and Asia. In the Business & Cooperation Desks set up for this purpose, the GBN coordinators advise companies on the funding, financing and cooperation offers of development cooperation (DC), network them with potential cooperation and business partners and develop new project initiatives together with them: