How to Join?
Becoming a member of N-BiG is simple. To join as a member, complete the Membership Application Form, read and agree to the corresponding Terms and Conditions, then send the completed application form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop it off at our offices. Once we receive the completed application, we will issue you with a subscription invoice, and once payment is received, you will become member.


Membership fees are paid annually, but first year subscription fees are based on a quarterly prorata rate dependent on when you join. The membership cycle ends on 30 June of every year.  


Member Benefits
Members of N-BiG gain access to a wealth of information, technical expertise, value chain services, and capacity building. Members are also represented at all relevant industry events, be it conferences, workshops, and meetings, taking your specific needs into mind, where and when necessary. Membership can also help improve visibility, through our various marketing channels and channels. Our network not only comprises of our growing membership base, but also includes our associates, such as the Support to De-bushing Programme (GIZ), the De-Bushing Advisory Services (DAS), and Directorate of Forestry, as well as organisations who N-BiG, itself, subscribes to, such as the World Bioenergy Association, and the Namibian Chamber of Environment. 


N-BiG has a wide ranging set of technical expertise, leveraged from its own staff, its members, and its associates. Technical expertise includes; biomass harvesting, processing equipment and sourcing, logistics, biomass value addition, biomass marketing, regulatory concerns, business development, negotiations and deal structuring, chemical engineering, biotechnology, research and development, bioenergy generation, environmental affairs, aftercare, and good rangeland management practices.


N-BiG offer tailored services to its members, such as training, mentoring, testing and characteristics, regulatory and compliance advisory services, harvesting advisory services, value addition advisory services, business development services, biomass procurement and distribution advisory services, and market research services. 


Long Term Goals
N-BiG endeavours to facilitate contract harvesting services for its members who are in need of bush control, as well as providing access to large scale biomass supply agreements to members who are processing and marketing biomass. N-BiG also aims to facilitate the leasing of equipment between its members, as well as to facilitate the establishment of strategic biomass hubs, where members would have access to a host of value addition, logistics and marketing services. Lastly, N-BiG is already actively involved with the bush-to-energy directive from Government, and it is supporting other biomass energy generation opportunities, not only to increase the biomass market, but also to help Namibia achieve renewable and sustainable bioenergy production.   



Membership Fees


Individual Membership 
For those who are interested in the biomass sector and wish to keep up to date on local and international biomass developments and opportunities. 
SADC* Residents; NAD 550 per annum
Non-SADC Residents; EUR 150 per annum


Group Membership
For those organisations who are interested in the biomass sector, or are involved, or wish to become involved in the Namibian biomass sector.
SADC* Registered Entities; NAD 2000 per annum
Non-SADC Registered Entities; EUR 1000 per annum**


*SADC member states include Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
** Includes Online Media and Correspondence package benefits and one complimentary day of professional expertise.



Membership Add-Ons
Members may tailor their membership packages by augmenting them with add-ons, such as; 

Basic Listing, whereby the member may choose to be listed on the N-BiG website Members page, excluding logo or contact information. The members list is search engine optimised, enhancing the online visibility of listed members. However, if a member wishes to remain anonymous, they can choose not to be listed. Additional Cost; free of charge


Online Media Package, whereby the member may choose to have their name and/or logo (including a website link) displayed on the N-BiG website Homepage, as well as receiving a social media blast to all N-BiG followers, upon joining as a member. Additional Cost; NAD 1500 per annum


Correspondence Package, whereby the member may choose to have their name and/or logo included on all outgoing N-BiG email signatures, as well as receiving a welcoming email blast sent out to all N-BiG members, upon joining as a member. Additional Cost; NAD 3000 per annum


Sponsorship Package, whereby the member may choose to have their name and/or logo displayed on all N-BiG outgoing media, including the benefits outlined within the Online Media and Correspondence packages, as well as on all other outgoing N-BiG media, including banners, flyers, business cards, presentations, print media, and publications. Additional Cost; NAD 25000 per annum

For more information on joining as member, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Contact Info

  •  Cargo City ,
         5 Von Braun Street
  •   +264 61 242 949
  •   +264 61 242 949

About N-BiG

 The Namibia Biomass industry Group (N-BiG) is a newly established industry organisation to serve and grow the Namibian biomass industry. N-BiG was founded through the support of the GIZ Support to De-bushing Programme, and its founding members. N-BiG is currently still establishing itself, and has only had a full-time team committed to it since May 2016.

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