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The Namibia Biomass Industry Group (N-BIG), in collaboration with the MEFT/GIZ Bush Control and Biomass Utilisation(BCBU) Project, is introducing its first Women in Biomass Industry Award which aims to celebrate successful women in the biomass industry. This Award will recognize the extraordinary women who play significant roles and further raise awareness on their contributions to the thriving Namibian  biomass industry. 

Theme: “Discovering a New Decade for Biomass” 

We are looking for women in leadership positions who drive the biomass industry and their companies forward. They may be engaged in any part of the biomass industry (Sustainable Harvesting, finance, biomass activities management, or entrepreneurship, etc) or production of  biomass value chains (such as charcoal, biochar, bush-based animal fodder, etc).

The award invites for nomination of Women in the following catergories 

1.The entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership Award

This category targets entrepreneurs, with creative and innovative ideas in Bush Biomass value chains.It will further recognize leadership skills.

Prize: N$25 000 + 1-year free membership with N-BIG will be awarded to the winning particpant.

2.The Social and Community Engagement Award

This category will recognize individuals/ Teams  who are actively involved in community-based social and/or environmental awareness  activities and is committed to enhancing community livelihoods through sustainable practices from encroacher bush and value chains.

Prize: N$15 000 will be awarded to the winning participant.

3.Employee Award (Career advancement “rising star”)

This category targets someone who is recognized by their colleagues / employers for their consistent dedication & contribution to the growth and development of the biomass industry.

Prize: N$10 000 will be awarded to the winning participant.


To enter kindly please download the nomination form and guidelines here and email  the nomination form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or submit through Google forms here.


DUE DATE 30 September 2020 (End of Business)




All Dates

  • From 2020-08-17 00:00 to 2020-09-30 00:00

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  •   +264 61 242 949

About N-BiG

 The Namibia Biomass industry Group (N-BiG) is a newly established industry organisation to serve and grow the Namibian biomass industry. N-BiG was founded through the support of the GIZ Support to De-bushing Programme, and its founding members. N-BiG is currently still establishing itself, and has only had a full-time team committed to it since May 2016.

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